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    Pattani policeman’s house attacked by southern insurgents

    Southern insurgents have attacked the house of a policeman in Pattani’s Nong Chik district with assault rifles and a molotov cocktails late last night.

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    Giving peace a chance – Malaysian PM visits Thailand next week

    PHOTO: The Nation This year’s Malaysian election has opened up new opportunities for peace negotiations over the long-running border clashes and insurgency in southern Thailand. New Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad, who will visit Thailand next week,  says he is keen to solve the  conflicts in southern Thailand coupled with the upcoming general elections in Thailand, which “provide a new window of opportunity for peace in the trouble-plagued region.” Panitan Wattanayagorn, an advisor to Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan in the area of security affairs, spoke to  ThaiPBS World  on Thursday evening, saying that signals from various militant groups in the three southern-most provinces have also been encouraging

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    Escaped prisoner trio recaptured in Chumphon

    Three inmates who took advantage of a lapse in security, escaping from a court in Chumphon on Thursday, have been recaptured this morning in Chumpon. Police say the three were hiding on a mountain in a forest near by Huay Kla village in Tambon Tako in Chumphon’s Sawi district for the past two days. They went down to the village for food at 6am this morning and were captured.

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    Suspected insurgent killed during Songkhla shootout

    A suspected insurgent was shot dead in Songkhla’s Thepha district early today (Monday) after Army troops, rangers and police joined forces to try to arrest the man. The operation at 1am in Moo 3 village in Tambon Sakom also resulted in the arrest of two other suspected insurgents

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    Baby elephant rescued from muddy pit in Chumpon

    by Prasit Leehakhunakorn A two year old male elephant, ‘Chao Duan’, has been rescued after it fell into a 70 centimetre deep and four metre wide muddy pit where it was stuck for two days in Chumphon province.

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    Train hits car in Hat Yai

    A driver has been injured after his car was hit by a train in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district yesterday morning (Wednesday). The Bangkok-Padang Bezar train hit the car at a rail crossing in Ban Lop Moom in Tambon Patong.

  • “Please stop eating dog meat” – Hanoi city government

    “Please stop eating dog meat” – Hanoi city government

    by Paul Kennedy – Viet Nam News/The Nation An international animal welfare charity is welcoming the news that the city government is considering banning the consumption of dog meat.

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    Sister and boyfriend arrested over alleged rape of 12 year old autistic girl

    Two youths have been arrested in Songkhla after a 15 year old girl allegedly let her 19 year old boyfriend rape her 12 year old autistic sister. The accused girl and her boyfriend of three months, Sanpich Kobbai, also allegedly returned to the girl’s home in Songkhla’s Sadao district, to rob her 73 year old grandmother of a gold ring, 300 baht in cash and a cellphone before fleeing.

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    Trang Moon Festival 2018 – cultural shows, food stalls, contests

    The ‘Trang Moon Festival’ has long been observed by Chinese people in Thung Yao in Trang province’s Palian district. The 2018 Trang Moon Festival is scheduled for September 22-24. Through the staging of this traditional festival, the Chinese commemorate the fight for their nation against the Mongols

  • Seaman dies in hotel after taking Viagra

    Seaman dies in hotel after taking Viagra

    A 58 year old man who worked on fishing boats was found dead in a Sichon, Nakhon Si Thammarat hotel room. The Sichon station chief Pol Col Chokedee Rakwatanapong told Sanook that the man’s name was Suthep, a widower who was often away fishing at sea for extended periods. Sanook reports that Suthep was dead on the floor in the hotel