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    Australian travel media coming to BKK for annual conference

    Thailand is hosting the AGM of the Australian Society of Travel Writers From August 16-19 , 2018. The  ASTW has already held its AGM twice in Thailand (1999 and 2009).

  • Two day alcohol ban around Thailand

    Two day alcohol ban around Thailand

    The sale or serving of alcohol is prohibited in Phuket today (Friday) and Saturday (July 28) as part of a nationwide ban to honor the Buddhist holiday of Asarnha Bucha and the start of Buddhist Lent. “Alcohol sales are prohibited from midnight Thursday until midnight Saturday. Alcohol may be sold in only one location: hotels.

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    Foreign tourism eclipses 20 million for first 6 months of 2018

    Revenue from tourism up 15%. Tourist numbers up 12%, year-on-year

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    National: VIP treatment for foreign rescuers

    Rescuers, who have the time to stay in Thailand, are being given free tours and extra privileges in thanks for their dedication and persistence over the past two weeks in the Tham Luang cave search and rescue mission. For the ones that must return home now, they’ve been offered free tickets and five-year visa free travel. The government is offering them a free-of-charge tourism treat.

  • Chiang Rai: Search area becomes crowded with media and onlookers

    Chiang Rai: Search area becomes crowded with media and onlookers

    The ongoing search in Chiang Rai, where 13 members of a football team are trapped inside by rising floodwaters, is starting to suffer from too much media and local interest. The search of Luang Cave in Tham Luang-Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park is being led by Navy SEAL personnel, who have been joined by teams of experts from universities and ministries

  • Small guest-houses and hotels closing down across Chiang Mai

    Small guest-houses and hotels closing down across Chiang Mai

    Hotels, from small to medium size, are closing down across Chaing Mai following recent crackdowns and enforcement of the Hotel Act. Similar crackdowns are underway across the country this week, notably in Krabi as well. About 100 protesters have staged protests outside City Hall demanding that their issues be raised with the Tourism Ministry and the Thai PM.

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    Krabi officials continue crackdown on illegal hotels and tour operators on Koh Phi Phi

    The crackdowns continue on Koh Phi Phi as Krabi officials focus on the popular tourist magnet island. Yesterday (June 7) further inspections on Koh Phi Phi Don uncovered plenty more illegal hotels as well as illegal diving operations

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    The evolution of an island – Phuket’s rise and rise

    PHOTO: Banyan Tree Phuket “Thailand’s great push forward on mega-transportation projects is seeing strong dividends being paid in its tourism industry. One key example is Phuket, where passenger arrivals grew by nearly 19% in the first four month of the year at the newly upgraded and expanded international airport.” By Bill Barnett Why Phuket? One only has to look at the upward trajectory of low-cost carriers (LCC’s) and supercharged airlift.

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    Phuket’s monsoon – here comes the green season

    by Bill Barnett of Rainy season often brings a shroud of darkness over the island, when strong showers can even make it difficult seeing anything farther away than the short span across the road from my office. Imagine pulling a hoodie over your head on a sunny day and dropping suddenly into the netherworld of dimly lit shadows.

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    Special Report: Saving Maya Bay

    By Pattarawadee Saengmanee The island, Koh Phi Phi Ley, made famous by the movie “The Beach”, is due to get a complete makeover as part of a new project designed to protect the environment and the ocean. As I step out of the boat on the shore of Maya Bay, my brain goes into overdrive. Where, I ask myself, is the tranquil beach that I fell in love with five years ago?