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  • Netizens disagree with official numbers: The miracle 20% rise in tourist numbers

    Netizens disagree with official numbers: The miracle 20% rise in tourist numbers

    A story from The Thaiger yesterday stirred up a lot of suspicion that the Ministry of Sports and Tourism are being ‘flexible’ with the truth. The story quoted the Sports and Tourism Minister saying that, since they introduced the visa-on-arrival fee waiver (for 21 countries), the numbers of arrivals has surged 20%. He said in his quotes that the ‘bounce’ came mostly from Chinese and Indian tourists.

  • Arrivals up 20% – visa fee waiver

    Arrivals up 20% – visa fee waiver

    The Tourism and Sports Ministry is sprouting anecdotal evidence that tourist arrivals are up a massive 20% for the second half of November. This follows the hastily prepared visa-on-arrival fee waivers for 21 countries, introduced on November 15 and intended to run through to January 13 next year. New visitors from India are part of the bounce back in tourist arrivals with a 4.2% increase from the same time last year

  • Changes to visas to stimulate tourist sector

    Changes to visas to stimulate tourist sector

    The drop-off in Chinese tourists has caused the Thai Government to come up with some creative ideas to re-invigorate the tourist sector, leading into this year’s high season. The Nation reports that the Cabinet yesterday agreed, in principle, to back measures to stimulate tourism numbers

  • Thai Air Asia posts losses in Q3 citing huge drop in Chinese tourists

    Thai Air Asia posts losses in Q3 citing huge drop in Chinese tourists

    A drop in Chinese tourism, along with higher fuel prices, is being blamed for a loss in the third quarter for Thai Air Asia. Asia Aviation Plc, the operators of the budget carrier, has reported a net loss of 358 million baht for Q3 (third quarter 2018)

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    Pattaya – Hua Hin ferry service back again for high season

    PHOTO: Talk News The Pattaya – Hua Hin ferry service has started again for the high season.

  • Can Thailand lure the Chinese back?

    Can Thailand lure the Chinese back?

    After half a decade of incredible growth in Chinese tourism to Thailand, the numbers are now in a tail-spin as numbers drop off around the country. With annual rises of 20-50% per annum for half a decade there has been a big drop off in the last quarter (Q3) of 2018

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    Thailand – most visited destination among Chinese for Golden Week

    The National News Bureau is reporting that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) says, China’s largest and most influential online travel agent, has ranked Thailand the number one global destination among Chinese tourists during this year’s National Day vacation – the Chinese Golden Week 2018. Thailand comes out on top of Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea, among more than 1,000 destinations in nearly 100 countries. Favorite Thai destinations among Chinese tourists include Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai

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    South East Asia tops travellers’ lists

    by DataLeads – Asia News Network The Asia Pacific region accounts for 30 per cent of the world’s international tourism receipts. The region outperforms all other regions in terms of growth, with international tourist arrivals increasing an average 7% per year compared to the world average of 4%. China remains one of the leading destinations in Asia.

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    Maya Bay compromise: “We’ll meet halfway”

    The scientists say Maya Bay must remain closed until it has recovered from the rampant tourist ‘love’ and protective walkways and new landing piers can be constructed on the other side of Koh Phi Phi Ley. Tour operators say they’re going to suffer with the loss of the region’s most popular tourist attraction from their daily schedules.

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    Hands off Maya Bay

    In one corner, marine scientists and biologists who are urging the government to keep Maya Bay closed as it struggles to rehabilitate following years of tourism abuse. In the other, local tour operators who say that the region’s main money-spinner has been taken away from them affecting their pockets and the many people they employ. Meanwhile Maya Bay is slowly recovering without the visit of 5,000 tourists and boats every day.