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  • Academics urging a State of Emergency for the North

    Academics urging a State of Emergency for the North

    b y Pratch Rujivanarom  An academic is calling on the government to declare a state of emergency as Chiang Mai and most Northern Provinces face ‘disastrous’ levels of PM2.5 smog and smoke haze. Citizen in the North are being advised to stay inside air conditioned buildings and avoid all outdoor activities, as some areas of Chiang Mai recorded PM2.5 levels reaching higher than 700 micrograms per cubic metre of air this morning.

  • Thai-Indian Funfair in Bangkok tomorrow

    Thai-Indian Funfair in Bangkok tomorrow

    The fifth Thai-Indian Funfair returns to Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok tomorrow (Saturday) to strengthen cultural relations between both countries.

  • Social media the key in the run up to the 2019 election

    Social media the key in the run up to the 2019 election

    “Newspapers, once the beneficiary of political advertising, will now be side-lined in favor of targeted social media in the lead up to this year’s election.” by Asina Pownwasin Your social media platforms are about to be filled with banter, arguments and lots of advertising. The topic? The forthcoming Thai election (when a date is eventually announced).

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    “Leave the kids alone” – Child psychiatrist

    (4 minute read) The global attention drawn to the dramatic rescue mission has shone a glaring spotlight on the 12 young footballers from the Mu Pa Academy, making them unwitting public figures. Psychiatrists are stressing that the boys should draw on their own personal strength and support from their families to avoid becoming tainted by fame. Child psychiatrists are advising that the team members rescued from the Chiang Mai cave be left alone to get back to normal, warning that fame and being granted special privileges could cause lasting harm.

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    Speaker-equipped drone repels wild elephants

    Phetchaburi Rajabhat University academics have used, on a trial basis, a drone equipped with speakers blaring a recording of bee sounds to drive away wild elephants from the La Au forest in Hua Hin district, Kaeng Krachan National Park official Mana Phermpoon said on Sunday. The test at the Phu Sai-Sai En area and some farmland around Anant School in Tambon Huai Sat Yai of Hua Hin yielded a satisfactory result

  • The ‘dirty’ coffee from Vietnam contains manganese dioxide

    The ‘dirty’ coffee from Vietnam contains manganese dioxide

    PHOTO: Dak Nong Police Further to yesterday’s revelation about fake coffee being manufactured and sold from a make-shift factory in Vietnam, this analysis from a Chemist at the Vietnam National University. Associate Professor Tran Hong Con, a chemistry expert from the Vietnam National University, says the black substance found in D batteries is a toxic chemical called manganese dioxide

  • Phuket share-bike kicks off

    Phuket share-bike kicks off

    The bicycle provider for the share bikes project, Ofo, announced today (September 20) that their company, with the help of Phuket local government, are ready to release the first phase of 1,000 bicycles for the project. From October 1 for one month, Ofo will also offer free rides as a starting gift promotion for the project