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  • Thaiger Radio News – Tuesday – Visakha Bucha Day

    Thaiger Radio News – Tuesday – Visakha Bucha Day

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  • Welcome to your long weekend, sort of.

    Welcome to your long weekend, interrupted by a day of work on Monday. Tuesday, May 29, in Visakha Bucha Day and will be commemorated as a public holiday around Thailand. There are a quite a number of important Buddhist holidays throughout the year, but the most significant is Visakha Bucha Day

  • calls for a ban on ‘otter trawling’ calls for a ban on ‘otter trawling’

    An online petition campaigning for a ban on a form of fishing was launched yesterday after an endangered whale shark was caught by a trawler in the waters off Phuket last Friday. Piya Thedyam, creator of the campaign on for ending the use of so-called otter trawls, emphasised that the marine ecosystem, biodiversity and seafood sustainability of Thai seas were in great danger as long as this destructive fishing equipment was still allowed to operate in Thai waters. For these reasons, Piya started seeking signatures for the online petition to Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Grisada Boonrach in an effort to preserve the marine ecosystem, ensure the survival of rare aquatic animal species, and promote sustainable fishing, as the otter-trawlers had just proven the harm they were doing to marine life by snaring the whale shark in their nets off the coast of Phuket

  • PHAB 2 raises 4.5 million baht for local scholarships

    PHAB 2 raises 4.5 million baht for local scholarships

    The Phuket Hotels Association recently hosted a hugely successful benefit evening and raised a total of 4.5 million baht for young hospitality professionals in Phuket. On April 28 the “Phuket Hotels Association Benefit 2 (PHAB 2) – Glam, Glitz and Glitter” event was held at Latitude Laguna.

  • 4-month breathing space – DNP officially closes down Maya Bay

    4-month breathing space – DNP officially closes down Maya Bay

    Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) has officially announced that Maya Bay in Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park will not allow visitors during a much-needed four-month rejuvenation period from June 1 to September 30 this year.

  • 73% of Thais are buying online – Experian

    Three quarters of Thai consumers are making online purchases, with Beauty and Fashion, and Electronics being the top categories. However, as consumers continue to look towards convenience, fraud exposure will likely increase – these are the findings of the Digital Consumer Insights 2018 by the world’s leading information services company Experian, co-authored with leading ICT market research and advisory firm IDC. The Digital Consumer Insights 2018 report is based on a consumer survey across ten APAC markets including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

  • EU maintains yellow card over Thai fishing

    Continuing systemic flaws in the protection of the rights of workers and sustainable fishing policies has kept Thailand on the European Union’s “yellow flag” watch list for illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. A source at the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry revealed that the EU has decided to maintain Thaialnd’s yellow flag for on IUU fishing

  • COMMENT: What does it take to change driving habits?

    COMMENT: What does it take to change driving habits?

    Yesterday we had to report the sad news of 12 year old Chinnarat Kajatroka who fell off the motorbike he was driving whilst his 12 year old passenger had to watch in horror as his friend’s head was crushed by a tour bus which was following behind. On his own admission the two were travelling very fast, apparently racing another motorbike that had three other school friends on it

  • Three houses flattened in Nakhon Ratchasima by storms

    A total of 209 houses in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Muang Yang district have been damaged by thunderstorms. Surveying the scene yesterday, authorities found 209 houses in seven villages in Tambon None Udom were damaged. Three houses in Ban None Sa-ard village and Ban Muang Chak village were completely flattened by the storms, said Siwasek Sinthorum, assistant district chief of the district

  • Worries arise over full dams, even before start of rainy season

    Despite the Royal Ploughing Day, all the water-throwing at Songkran and the annual rocket festival – all trying to encourage water from the skies for the forthcoming wet season – we still have to hope mother nature plays along and delivers the rain needed for the nation’s agricultural areas. But, rolling into wet season this year, most of the main dams are full, or nearly full