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    Mong Thongdee approaches the citizenship finish line

    Good news for Thailand’s favourite paper plane flyer. The stateless paper-folding airplane competition champion, Mong Thongdee, has applied for Thai nationality. The process is expected to take three weeks.

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    The world’s first mahout training school opens in Chiang Mai

    The school bell rings and it’s off to learn how to manage and care for elephants in the world’s first mahout training school launched in Chiang Mai province. Maetang Elephant Camp has joined forces with Chiang Mai Rajabhat University to launch the unique school which is expected to open its gates for student admissions next year, said the camp owner Wassana Thongsuk

  • Now everyone can fly – from CNX to Hanoi

    Now everyone can fly – from CNX to Hanoi

    It’s getting easier and easier to get around the region with new start-ups opening up the skies and current operators always introducing new routes. Now, the people that brought us the slogan “now Everyone Can Fly”, Air Asia, is launched four direct flights a week between Chiang Mai and Hanoi, Vietnam’s northern capital. The Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday flights start from October 28, bringing the airlines’ network to eight routes out of Chiang Mai.

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    Miracle as amulet “saves” father and son in Chiang Mai

    Sanook is reporting that Thai media are hailing the survival of a father and son as a miracle. The father and his three year old boy walked away from a horror crash on the Chiang Mai-Lampang highway.

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    220 rescuers looking for crevices and tunnels into the cave

    Whilst a plan has firmed to get the trapped footballers out of Tham Luang cave using a ‘buddy’ system and staged triage along the exit route, many others are still trying to find entry points from above the cave. More than 220 rescue operation officials will camp on top of the mountain above the Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai to seek shafts that may offer possible exit options for the trapped 12 footballers and their coach

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    Tobacco farmers rally at Chiang Mai city hall

    Chiang Mai City Life is reporting that tobacco farmers have filed a petition after the Thai Tobacco Authority announced it will cease all purchasing for three years. On June 28 over 300 tobacco farmers and entrepreneurs rallied at the Chiang Mai City Hall to file a petition to the Ministry of Finance regarding an announcement by the Government that the Tobacco Authority of Thailand will not purchase any tobacco from farmers for the next three years

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    Chiang Mai: Controversial housing estate to be ringed with ‘No Man’s Land’ signs

    The Government brokered a deal where all but four apartments would have to be removed las month. Yet people are now living in the 45 houses on the slopes of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. So what’s going on?

  • British tourist falls from condo balcony in Chiang Mai

    British tourist falls from condo balcony in Chiang Mai

    A British tourist has fallen to his death from a Chiang Mai condo last night (Sunday).   57 year old Phil Edward Miller Hardwicke died after landing on a bench next to the third-floor swimming pool at the Lanna 3 Condo on Huay Kaew road in Tambon Chang Phuak, Muang district.

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    Huge rally in Chiang Mai protesting judges’ homes on Doi Suthep mountain

    PHOTO: Chiang Rai Times Around 1,000 people have rallied in Chiang Mai yesterday to protest the homes being built for Thai judges on forested land on Doi Suthep mountain. The protest is one of the largest protests against the government ever staged.