Artikel erschien März 2018

  • 90 bikes and 90 motorcyclists bailed up in Bangkok

    Bangkok police arrested 90 motorcyclists and a pillion rider and seized 90 bikes in an operation to prevent racing on the capital’s streets. The arrests were made by police from 10 Bangkok police stations who manned road checkpoints late on Friday night and early on Saturday. At the end of the operation, Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpal held a press conference at 3am at Tha Kham Police Station to announce the results

  • Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list – “Biased, commercialised and a big publicity stunt.”

    By Clinton Palanca The winners of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants has been announced, the list released. There will be the usual accusations that the list is biased, commercialised, a big publicity stunt and, most important, that it is of very little value to the vast majority of the population. Food tourism has become a big deal.

  • Thalang robber arrested

    Thalang robber arrested

    Thalang Police have arrested a 27 year old man from Phang Nga, Kittikorn Somsert, who robbed valuables worth about 200,000 Baht from a local house during daylight.

  • Driver says fire started in luggage compartment – Tak bus tragedy

    A news story from Thai Residents is saying that the driver of a tour bus in Tak which was completely destroyed by fire and killed 20 Burmese workers and injured 3 others, claims a cigarette butt which got into the luggage compartment sparked the blaze. His claim has not been confirmed by forensic police at this stage. 47 passengers, all registered Burmese migrants, were traveling from Mae Sot to Bangkok

  • Thailand regional Number Two in ‘new fatties’

    PHOTO: BFM TV Thailand is become a country of fatties, certainly when compared to the average Thai 20 years ago and in relation to the other countries around us. A study called ‘Obesity in Thailand and its Economic Cost Estimation’ by the ADB Institute shows that Thailand now ranks Number Two in ASEAN countries when it comes to people suffering obesity. Second only to Malaysia, ahead of more prosperous countries like South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

  • 4 metre king cobra found in a Krabi toilet

    A four metre long king cobra has been found in the toilet of a local man’s house.

  • Drugs crackdown at Sapanruam Community in Rassada

    Police have arrested 5 people with drugs and electronic cigarettes. The Sapanruam Community in Rassada was the target. Police have long recognised it to be a drug trading area

  • 82-year-old assault victim dies – Assailant faces new charges

    A 21 year old motorcyclist, alleged to have assaulted an 82 year old tricycle-riding scavenger over a minor collision in Bangkok’s Huai Kwang district on March 13, has been hit with an additional charge of causing death to another person by inflicting injury without intent to cause death.

  • Random search at Phuket prison

    Phuket’s Governor, along with the Deputy Police Region 8, Deputy Phuket Police Commander and other local authorities, led a team for an official search of the Phuket prison for drugs, other illegal items and mobile phones.

  • THAIGER TODAY Friday, March 30

    THAIGER TODAY Friday, March 30

    NACC non-commital on Prawit’s watches | Maya Bay closes down over monsoon season | Songkran back-flip over water throwing from pick-ups | Calls to end the duty free monopoly at Thai airports | Yingluck & Thaksin show up together in Japan | More crackdown on illegal foreign teachers at international schools. As this is the final Thaiger Today episode for now I would like to thank our production team of Noom, Mas and Sert plus the team at ThaiVisa for their support in the past few months.