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  • Rolling out the e-visas – cutting time in immigration queues

    Rolling out the e-visas – cutting time in immigration queues

    Thailand has officially launched its new e-Visa on Arrival (E-VOA) application system. This way foreigners from approved countries will be able to apply for their visa before their travel date, online, and avoid paperwork and approval when they arrive

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    Actor’s family assets confiscated over suspected bitcoin fraud

    PHOTO: Thai actor Jirachpisit ‘Boom’ Jarawichit – The Nation The AMLO (Anti Money Laundering Office) has confiscated assets worth 210 million baht belonging to an actor and his family suspected of involvement in fraud and money laundering. The case stems from a complaint by a Finnish investor, Aarni Otava Saarimaa, that he was defrauded of bitcoins valued at 797 million baht

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    Chinese couple trash Phuket apartment

    Won’t be the first tenants, nor the last, to leave a room in a disgusting condition.

  • What makes a good rental villa?

    What makes a good rental villa?

    by Ian Macaulay Not everyone who has gone through the process of owning or building a villa will want to rent it out.  Even if you don’t, rentability can have a significant impact on the asset and resale value so it’s well worth being aware of a given property’s potential appeal to the rental market. Here are a few things to consider: Location No, we won’t say this 3x, but it always should be remembered as a major factor. Every location has its advantages, which can range from the mundane – number of parking spaces (for when you want to have a gathering of friends), or accessibility to restaurants as some examples

  • AIS sets up shop at Phuket Prison

    AIS sets up shop at Phuket Prison

    PHUKET: GSM mobile phone operator Advance Info Service (AIS) has set up a temporary sales booth giving away free SIM cards at the entrance to the visiting area at Phuket Prison. A sales hostess stationed at the booth said the prison was a good place to promote AIS services as there were always large crowds of people facing long waits to see inmates.