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  • Rock Thailand, Japanese start-ups eye Thai businesses

    Rock Thailand, Japanese start-ups eye Thai businesses

    Noting Thailand as the new south east Asian regional innovation hub, the Japanese Embassy in Bangkok, in collaboration with Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, CP Group and True Corporation, launched Rock Thailand, a start-up incubation project. Rock Thailand is being used to open a stage for 10 top technology start-ups from Japan to present their business models to 20 key Thai enterprises and take part in its networking session.

  • Chiang Mai tourism plans to promote more outlying regions for 2019

    Chiang Mai tourism plans to promote more outlying regions for 2019

    “The plan is to promote traditional, conservative activities such as temple routes, sightseeing tours in the old city and visiting craft villages.” The Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) Chiang Mai Office has announced its performance for the past year and announced its plans for 2019. Visroot Inhyam, the director general of TAT’s northern region outlined the main issues for tourism promotion in the region that’s clustered few areas that are already well known in the market. “When events are held repeatedly in the same place, what happens is the destination is swamped with people

  • Thai Airways doubles up on 2017 losses

    Thai Airways doubles up on 2017 losses

    Thai Airways has doubled up on losses for the past three months (Q3), compared to the same period last year. They’ve reported an operating loss of 3.69 billion baht, up 103% year-on-year. The total revenue was actually up 2.2%, according to a statement from the Thai Airways president, Sumeth Damrongchaitham, but the operating costs were up 1.87 billion baht, compared with the same period in 2017.

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    Paper aeroplane champ is now a Thai citizen

    The paper plane champ is officially, Thai ID and all, a Thai citizen. Almost a decade after earning fame by winning an international paper-aeroplane championship in Japan at the age of 12, Mong Thongdee has collected his letter of approval for Thai citizenship.

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    Trami storms through Japan, passes Tokyo last night

    Some of the latest updates from reports coming out of Japan as Typhoon Trami continues its north-easterly trajectory through the Japanese archipelago. It’s currently early morning in Japan, and commuters are trying to get to work whilst contending with the aftermath of the Typhoon in the southern and central islands. The Typhoon unleashed its fury on some of Japan’s most populous areas overnight. Thousands of people were evacuated in western Japan as the powerful typhoon hit the mainland with 160 kph winds

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    Serious reforms needed to solve problem of Thailand’s stateless people

    by Pratch Rujivanarom In the wake of the publicity raised by the four stateless Mu Pa team members and the decade-long struggle of paper airplane maestro Mong Thongdee, the issue of Thailand’s stateless people is getting some much-needed government attention. A seminar into the issues say that reforms are needed in the nationality verification process to ease complicated bureaucratic procedures and solve the problem of officials’ bad attitude toward stateless persons. These suggestions were presented at a seminar yesterday by academics, experts, media and activists, who have been involved in problems surrounding stateless persons and nationality issues

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    Thailand takes over the chair for ASEAN next year. What’s at stake?

    “As Thailand takes over the ASEAN chairmanship next year, it is important for the country to drive ASEAN forward to achieve the utmost benefits for Thais and peoples across the ASEAN region.” The integration story of Southeast Asian nations, widely known as ASEAN, began in 1967 and has since brought about significant changes to the Southeast Asian region. For decades, ASEAN has played an instrumental role in maintaining political stability, fostering economic,trade and investment cooperation, as well as facilitating technology transferand greater mutual understanding among its member nations.

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    Broken promises – Mong Thongdee still waits, nine years later

    by Thai PBS It was nine years ago when this young stateless boy was the media poster boy for a week with his story and dreams to represent his country in an international paper plane contest.

  • “Japan will definitely win the war” – new memos revealed

    “Japan will definitely win the war” – new memos revealed

    PHOTO: A memo by Michio Yuzawa, a former Japanese vice home minister Interesting historical footnote today according to memos recently discovered which reveal the mindset of the Japanese prime minister at the time, just one day before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. The Japan Times reports that wartime Prime Minister Hideki Tojo stated that Japan would “definitely win the Pacific War” after meeting with Emperor Showa on the eve of its outbreak, according to a recently discovered memo.

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    Busan, South Korea – Best Destination in Asia, according to Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet have announced their Top Ten Asian destinations for 2018. Only one entry for Thailand – Chiang Mai