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    Family ‘gang’ rob shop in Krabi

    A video from CCTV camera footage shot at a clothes shop in Ao Nang, Krabi, shows a 1.32 minutes recording of a family of 3 – father, mother and a son, all western in appearance – stealing an iPhone X from the owner of the shop while pretending to be buyers. The person who posted the video on social media is the owner of the shop who had her phone, an iPhone X worth about 47,000 Baht, stolen.

  • Two women drown after trying to save swimmers – Ubon Ratchathani

    Two women drown after trying to save swimmers – Ubon Ratchathani

    Two women, one of them seven-month pregnant, drowned in the Chi river in Ubon Ratchathani yesterday morning (Friday) as they tried to help a 13 year old and older man as they got into difficulties. Upon Ratchathani is in the country’s far east near the Cambodian border.   The tragedy occurred when 35 year old Sudjai Pansiri, who was seven months pregnant, jumped into the Chi river in Ban Kud Kasien to rescue her 13 year old son who appeared to be struggling in the river.   Then a man, identified as Chaiyan Jinarak, saw the incident and jumped into the river to offer another helping hand.

  • PM Prayut, the prolific song-writer

    PM Prayut, the prolific song-writer

    When he’s not putting down members of the press with witty retorts or summoning detractors to the NCPO HQ for ‘attitude adjustment’, dear leader Prayut is putting pen to paper to write patriotic uplifting songs.

  • Husband stabbed with pair of scissors in Kathu

    Husband stabbed with pair of scissors in Kathu

    A 42 year old man, Somporn Iadchang, was stabbed by his wife during a fight last night. He was stabbed on his neck and shoulder

  • Take an air-conditioned rest on Songkran roads this year

    Take an air-conditioned rest on Songkran roads this year

    Police have prepared air-conditioned accommodation for motorists who might feel tired after a long drive during the Songkran holidays, a police chief said on Monday.

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    Kids from around Asia head to Pattaya for Thai Optimist National Championships

    PHOTO: Thailand Optimist National Championships – Guy Nowell By Duncan Worthington Thailand’s premier youth sailing event is just around the corner. The Thailand Optimist National Championships, held as part of the Top of the Gulf Regatta, will see more than 100 youngsters from around Thailand and Asia compete over three days (April 29 to May 1, 2018) in Pattaya

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    Phuket OrBorJor introduces 34 beach lifeguards for 5 beaches in Thalang

    Phuket’s Governor Plodthong, together with an armada of local authorities and media, hosted an opening ceremony for the operation of Thalang Beach Lifeguards on April 5. “There are a lot of tourists that drown or get harmed from accidents in the sea every year because they either don’t understand the red flags, can’t or don’t read the warning signs, the sea conditions off Phuket’s west coast or sometimes simple don’t listen to the warnings from local people and lifeguards

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    30,000 people line up for free herbal cancer ‘cure’

    People will go to any lengths in desperation to find a cure for a life-threatening disease. When it comes to cancer, fear and mis-information are a dangerous combination and can lead to people taking risks with almost anything or anyone offering a remedy to their condition.

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    Songkran back-flip

    Songkran revellers are welcoming news the government will relax its ban to allow them to splash water from the beds of pickups this year – just one of a number of back-flips on previously announced prohibitions for the 2018 Thai New Year celebrations. The water festival in mid-April, the hottest month of the year, is known worldwide.

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    Closed for maintenance – Maya Bay closes for wet season

    Maya Bay,on Koh Phi Phi, will be closed to all visitors for four months during this monsoon season in an effort to restore its natural ecosystem that has been damaged by excessive tourism. The decision to temporarily close Maya Bay to all tourists during the wet season from this June to September was approved at a meeting of marine national parks chiefs on Wednesday. The move follows proposals from local people, officials and academics to restore the coral reefs and allow nature to recover from the impacts of uncontrolled tourism during the rest of the year.