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    Is ‘cross fit’ still a thing?

    Even today in 2018 CrossFit continues to become more and more popular worldwide, I am often faced with the questions: Is CrossFit good, or is it bad? Have I done it? Would I recommend it?

  • Warning for boats going to sea 

    Warning for boats going to sea 

    The Phuket Marine Office has made an official announcement for boats to be “careful when going to sea”. The announcement was issued today stating that “The Meteorological Department of Thailand (TMD) has forecast today that the Andaman sea wave waves more than two metres in the open sea.” “For navigation safety, boat captains have to be careful when going to sea. Small boats should not leave from piers.” “When going to sea boat captains must ensure that boats and safety equipment are ready at all times

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    18 month girl dies after falling into grease trap in Krabi

    Forensic Police are investigating following the death of a one and a half year old girl after she fell into a grease trap at a school in Krabi while playing with her 7 year old sister. 18 month girl Jirana Wunchinchai fell into the grease trap at a school in Krabi while her mother was cleaning a canteen preparing for the school to open.

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    Three arrested with drugs and guns around Sakoo

    Phuket police have arrested three suspects and seized drugs, gun and bullets in Sakoo this week. Sakoo Police arrested 25 year old Chayan Srinuan and 37 year old Adiraek Manseb in Sakoo.

  • When the family goes for a walk

    When the family goes for a walk

    The Khao Yai National Park is always a great place for elephant-spotting but spotting this thundering herd coming towards you, we’d recommend an early retreat. This herd went for a stroll this morning. The Khao Yai National Park is in the inner north-east, about three hours drive from Bangkok

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    Police hunting for two men who robbed shop in Chalong

    Police are still hunting for two suspects who last night robbed a shop in Chalong and sped away with 3,000 baht cash and a gold necklace. The Chalong Police were notified of the incident at 7.15pm last night, that two suspects had robbed the shop in Soi Songkhun in Chalong. CCTV footage showed the two suspects on a motorbike stopping in front of the shop before going inside the shop

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    Krabi crackdown nets 113 cases of illegal foreigners

    Krabi Immigration officers headed to Koh Phi Phi yesterday to continue their crackdown on illegal foreigners – the activities in Ao Nang and Koh Phi Phi have so far netted a total of 113 cases of illegal entry, overstays, working illegally and some wanted on other charges. Officers from Krabi Immigration Office have been conducting a crackdown on illegal foreigners in Ao Nang and Phi Phi Island during October

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    Panama’s VP backs the Thailand Kra Canal project

    PHOTO: Panama’s Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado – The Nation The long-running discussions about a canal, linking the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, aka The Kra Canal, has come up again with a visit from Panama’s Vice President. The Panama Canal changed world shipping when it linked the Pacific and Atlantic oceans when it was completed in 1914. Panama’s Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado, said the Krabi Canal would boost Thailand’s role in global connectivity

  • Krabi residents say no to dolomite mine

    Krabi residents say no to dolomite mine

    Over a hundred residents in Krabi province have staged a rally against an attempt to operate a dolomite mine in their community. (Dolomite is used for acid neutralisation in the chemical industry, in stream restoration projects, and as a soil conditioner

  • Poll shows most agree 450 baht pet registration fee too high

    Poll shows most agree 450 baht pet registration fee too high

    A NIDA poll shows a split reaction to the new pet registration law proposals. Just over half of the people surveyed in the NIDA Poll were opposed to the government’s proposal that pet owners be charged a fee to register their cats and dogs.