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  • Boracay closure dents Philippine’s economic numbers

    Boracay closure dents Philippine’s economic numbers

    PHOTO: Wikipedia The Philippine’s economy has slowed in Q2 2018, this year’s second quarter, and fell well short of predictions. Some are blaming policy decisions including the shutdown of tourist magnet Boracay Island. The quarter’s 6% expansion was the weakest in three years and ends a run of 10 consecutive quarters where growth was at least 6.5%

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    PM says mandatory conscription still required in Thailand

    PHOTOS: The Nation Thailand’s PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has reaffirmed the importance of retaining mandatory conscription for Thai men “as soldiers form an indispensable force in time of crisis or emergency”. Thai PBS is reporting that the PM  was speaking at a press conference after the weekly Cabinet meeting in response to criticism that mandatory conscription should be scrapped as there is no need of conscripts.

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    Sexual harassment isn’t our fault, it’s mens’ – Sirinya “Cindy” Bishop

    A well-known model has launched a social-media campaign to tackle the widespread and erroneous belief that sexual harassment stems from a woman’s choice of clothes.

  • A Rama 9-inspired ‘Monkey Cheek’ to be built for Phuket’s flood prevention

    A Rama 9-inspired ‘Monkey Cheek’ to be built for Phuket’s flood prevention

    FILE PHOTO Phuket’s OrBorJor (Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation) held a meeting hosted by the Governor to discuss the building of a ‘monkey cheek’ at Saphan Hin cape to relieve ongoing flood problems in the Phuket Town area. The monkey cheek (or in Thai called Kaem Ling) is based on the way monkeys store the food in their cheeks which was a royal project developed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama 9.