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  • Syphilis on the rise again in Thailand

    Syphilis on the rise again in Thailand

    Syphilis is again on the rise in Thailand. Although curable, this sexually transmitted disease can turn fatal if patients fail to recognise their infection and thus lose a chance to get timely treatment.

  • Thailand’s Rabies death toll up to 14 this year

    The death of a 19 year old in Buri Ram, to the east of Bangkok on the Cambodian border,  and a 55 year old in Rayong, east of Pattaya, has raised the death toll in Thailand as a result of Rabies this year to 14. Both deaths occurred over the past two weeks. Dr Suwannachai Watanayingcharoen, director general of the Disease Control Department, says a 19 year old man in Buri Ram, who’d been bitten back in April on the shoulder and chest by a dog, was not vaccinated against rabies.

  • ASEAN commits to tackling Dengue

    The ASEAN region is the most vulnerable to the threat of potentially-fatal dengue fever, according to the World Health Organisation. Last year, more than 425,000 people in ASEAN nations came down with the disease, the highest number of any region in the world

  • Thailand’s 10th rabies victim dies in Rayong

    Thailand’s 10th rabies victim dies in Rayong

    A 10th person has died from Rabies in Rayong according to the Disease Control Department director-general Suwanchai Watanayingcharoenchai today (Wednesday). Suwanchai said the 59 year old man died on Tuesday after being bitten by his own dog back in March. The disease control chief said most of the rabies victims had ignored calls to receive Rabies vaccination after they were bitten by their own pets or some had not received the full dose of the vaccine (multiple injections are required).