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  • Phuket Governor inspects flash flood and landslide areas along the coast

    Phuket’s new Governor Pakkapong Tawipat, just two days into the job, yesterday visited Kamala and Patong to survey the damaged areas after the torrential rain storm, flash floods and landslides. Parts of Phuket’s west coast were awash yesterday with localised torrential rain

  • Phuket Governor warns of rain and traffic jams

    PHOTO: The Phuket PR Office Following the rain that continued overnight, Phuket Governor, Norrapat Plodthong, is expressing his concerns about more rain and traffic jams across the island today. Governor Norraphat says, “According to the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) reporting on the South West Coast, until Wednesday (September 5), there is a moderate monsoon affecting the Andaman Sea as well as the whole west coast of southern Thailand” “The torrential rains with isolated heavy downpours are expected in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Ranong, Trang and Satun and people in the area should beware of the accumulated rainfall that could possibly cause flash floods.” “The Andaman Sea could have waves up to 2 meters high together with high winds and rain storms.

  •  New Phuket governor arrives October 1

     New Phuket governor arrives October 1

    The New Phuket Governor will start to work on the island on October 1 while the current governor Norraphat Plodthong will be finishing at the end of next month.

  • Register your crocodile by August 10 – Phuket Governor

    OK, all you closet-crocodile owners, it’s time to register your crocodile.

  • The ‘Sano-Tik’ collection – Phuket’s unique batik

    Phuket has introduced a new, unique style of ‘Batik’ cloth called ‘Sano-Tik’ collection, inspired by the mineral, tin, an important resource in Phuket’s early days. The project’s opening ceremony was hosted by the Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong and Chief of Community Development Office Kittipon Wetchakun.

  • Official report filed to police about the whale shark caught by fishermen

    Official report filed to police about the whale shark caught by fishermen

    In relation to the video of a whale shark caught up on a fishing boat net just off Koh Racha yesterday, Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong says, “Officials from the Phuket Fisheries Port In-Port Out Control Centre (PiPo) have filed a report to the Phuket City Police.

  • Phuket’s Governor inspects lifeguards at the northern beaches

    The Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong has had his first inspection of lifeguards at Mai Khao Beach. There are now five lifeguards at Mai Khao Beach, the long stretch of beach along the northern end of Phuket’s west coast. Three more lifeguards will be hired. Governor Norraphat says “Currently there are no beach lights, CCTV camera or tourist service centres at Mai Khao Beach.

  • Phuket-Norway co-operation to promote local use of Electrical Vehicles (EVs)

    A meeting was held yesterday (May 7) at the Phuket Provincial Hall hosted by the Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong and the Thai Ambassador to Norway, Prasittiporn Wetprasit. Joining them were Phuket’s Vice Governor Thawornwat Kongkaew along with a representative from Oslo, Sture Portuik and a representative from private sector, Snorre Sletvold. Mr Prasittiporn says, ”The government are supporting Electric Vehicles (EVs) in order to reduce global warming. The most important factor for global warming is the use of gasoline in vehicles.

  • Phuket’s 233 Year Anniversary launched

    Phuket’s 233 Year Anniversary launched

    The official opening ceremony for Phuket’s 233 year anniversary celebration was launched last night (April 25), chaired by the Phuket Governor, Norapat Plodthong, the President of Phuket Red Cross and the Vice Governors along with local authorities. The opening ceremony brought together a number dignitaries and business people from the local community, tourist industry, foundations, local clubs and associations.

  • Phuket marks Chulalongkorn Day

    Phuket marks Chulalongkorn Day

    PHUKET: Phuket Governor Maitri Inthusut this morning led an assembly of officials in a ceremony to honor Chulalongkorn Day, known in Thai as Wan Piya Maharat.