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  • Phuket OrBorJor introduces 34 beach lifeguards for 5 beaches in Thalang

    Phuket’s Governor Plodthong, together with an armada of local authorities and media, hosted an opening ceremony for the operation of Thalang Beach Lifeguards on April 5. “There are a lot of tourists that drown or get harmed from accidents in the sea every year because they either don’t understand the red flags, can’t or don’t read the warning signs, the sea conditions off Phuket’s west coast or sometimes simple don’t listen to the warnings from local people and lifeguards

  • 30,000 people line up for free herbal cancer ‘cure’

    People will go to any lengths in desperation to find a cure for a life-threatening disease. When it comes to cancer, fear and mis-information are a dangerous combination and can lead to people taking risks with almost anything or anyone offering a remedy to their condition.

  • Songkran back-flip

    Songkran revellers are welcoming news the government will relax its ban to allow them to splash water from the beds of pickups this year – just one of a number of back-flips on previously announced prohibitions for the 2018 Thai New Year celebrations. The water festival in mid-April, the hottest month of the year, is known worldwide.

  • Closed for maintenance – Maya Bay closes for wet season

    Maya Bay,on Koh Phi Phi, will be closed to all visitors for four months during this monsoon season in an effort to restore its natural ecosystem that has been damaged by excessive tourism. The decision to temporarily close Maya Bay to all tourists during the wet season from this June to September was approved at a meeting of marine national parks chiefs on Wednesday. The move follows proposals from local people, officials and academics to restore the coral reefs and allow nature to recover from the impacts of uncontrolled tourism during the rest of the year.

  • THAIGER TODAY Thursday, March 29

    THAIGER TODAY Thursday, March 29

    NACC hands down decision on Prawit case today | Patong and Kamala are #1 in international affordable 5 star hotel survey | Snake under a taxi | French tourist dies after visit to Emerald Cave | Woman push back on calls for females to ‘dress appropriately’ during Songkran | Police juniors complain about their wages being docked for boss’s air con. The post THAIGER TODAY Thursday, March 29 appeared first on The Thaiger .

  • Torching hornets nest causes 20 rai forest fire in Mae Hong Son

    Two men from Myanmar have been arrested for inadvertently causing a forest fire that damaged some 20 rai of forest in the Khun Yuam district of Mae Hong Son province. Firefighters, district officials and rangers of the Ranger Company 3605 rushed to the forest in Moo 1 village in Tambon Khun Yuam, Khun Yuam district at 4.30pm after they saw smoke billowing over the forest. When they arrived at the scene, they saw two men running out of the forest.

  • Road-resurfacing in Kathu leaves traffic hazard

    Road-resurfacing in Kathu leaves traffic hazard

    Good news for people driving around the Kathu Ring Road (specifically the section going past the Loch Palm Golf Course entrance), the roads are being resurfaced from the entrance of Soi Namtok to near the entrance of Loch Palm Gof Course today (Monday). Bad news, the roadmakers have left a 8-12 cm gap between the surface of the road and the road grates they’ve paved over, leaving a substantial hazard for motorbikes.

  • Double fatality in Krabi bus crash

    Double fatality in Krabi bus crash

    PHOTOS: มูลนิธิกระบี่พิทักษ์ประชา (Krabi Rescue) In what’s been a horror week on Thailand’s roads, two people have been killed and another six injured after a tour bus crashed into a pickup at an intersection in Krabi last night around 10pm (March 23).

  • Air Asia mea culpa over bike unloading

    Air Asia mea culpa over bike unloading

    AirAsia has apologised to cyclists whose bicycles were seen to be poorly handled by ramp staff in a viral video. As a gesture of goodwill the low-cost airline is waiving all fees to transport bicycles for April, said its CEO Riad Asmat. “As a cyclist myself, I was pretty disturbed when I saw the actions of our staff

  • Police ban water splashing on main roads for Songkran

    Police ban water splashing on main roads for Songkran

    The Royal Thai Police are looking to impose a total ban on water splashing activities on main and secondary roads throughout Thailand during from April 11-17, the Songkran holiday break. They are citing road safety as the reason for the drastic plans. In phuket, in the past, Chao Fah east and west, Viset Road in Rawai and parts of Thepkasattri Road north of Heroines Monument have been popular locations for families to splash motorists as they pass by on April 13 each year.